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GavPromotional material for Eddie the Eagle Photo: CFP
Interesting and encouraging as the film is Josh Hart Lakers Jersey , Eddie the Eagle may still need plenty of extra hard work when it comes to marketing if the British-American sports drama wants to make it big at the Chinese mainland box office.

Worthy of applause

Based on real life story of British skier Michael Edwards, Eddie the Eagle recounts how the athlete rose to fame despite coming in last place during the Olympics.

Ever since he was a child, skiing enthusiast Edwards (Taron Egerton) has wanted to take part in the Winter Olympic Games as a ski jumper. Although the country had not entered an athlete in that event for decades, Edwards is constantly discouraged from taking part by the British Olympic officials as well as his father. Inspired by Edwards' persistence, Bronson Peary (Hugh Jackman), a former ski jump genius, agrees to train Edwards. The end sees both discover the true spirit of the sport.

Becoming a champion or defeating others is usually a major theme in film, especially Hollywood superhero stories. Eddie the Eagle, however, stands out by bringing something fresh to audiences: The lead character isn't trying to save the world or even trying to be No.1 in his sport - in fact, he has always come in last during competitions - but is trying to live by the belief that the most important thing is to participate.

This "brand new" idea may be enlightening to today's Chinese audiences, who have grown up under the high pressure to be the best at school, various talent competitions, as well as their career.

Many Chinese grow up being told time and time again that it's a waste of time to do something unless you earn some sort of achievement from it. However, nowadays, an increasing amount of young Chinese are beginning to realize that joy can be found by just taking part in an activity they love. This may be one of the reasons for the torrential applause that came from the audience after the advanced screening of the film I attended in Beijing Wednesday.

"Eddie really resonated with me," Pei Xin, 24, told the Global Times.

"I wouldn't have had any expectations for the film if it weren't for the fact that my favorite star Uncle Wolf (Hugh Jackman's nickname in China) was in it."

Another distinguishing feature of the film is that the lead character is portrayed as being not too bright. Now that we are used to heroes who are smart like Tony Stark or quick witted like Wade Wilson, Edwards runs quite contrary to typical portrayals of a "hero."

Similar to Forrest Gump, Edwards wins audiences' hearts with his sincerity.

Commercial worries

Besides earning critical acclaim, commercial films also want to achieve good box office returns. Whether studios admit it or not, box office results are one of the biggest concerns they have today. This is probably why rising star Egerton and renowned veteran actor Jackman were brought in to not just portray the lead figures in the film, but also take part in publicity activities overseas.

Though I have to admit Eddie the Eagle is a film worth watching more than once and I know Egerton and Jackman have large fanbases in China, I still have worry how the film will perform in the market here.

First of all, sports films are rather uncommon in China. One very recent domestic work is the 2013 boxing film Unbeatable, which stars well-known actors Nick Cheung and Eddie Peng. While the film has a relatively high score of 7.810 on domestic film sites mtime and movie.douban, Unbeatable's final box office only reached 116 million yuan ($17.8 million) in the Chinese mainland, according to mtime.

Compared to boxing, ski jumping is not a very well-known sport in China since the country's climate makes winter sports impossible for nearly half the population. Despite the fact that Beijing and Zhangjiakou are going to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games and people here are being increasingly bombarded with information about winter sports, it is still rather early to ask people to care about ski jumping.

Another factor is that most Chinese audiences are just looking for something relaxing, entertaining and easy to understand when they head to the movies. However, looking at current marketing materials, Eddie the Eagle is still positioning itself as "an inspirational story of a small fry," which may not click with the tastes of many moviegoers.

If I could make some suggestions, I feel the marketing team should focus more on the comedic parts of the film - you have no idea how much Chinese love comedies. Just look at the box offices for Lost in Thailand, PK and The Mermaid. If marketers can get enough people in seats for the film's premiere on March 18, good word of mouth should help take care of the rest.

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